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Central Park’s Great Lawn Is Closed Until April After Concert Damage (NY Times) “It’s fine to pay for it,” Ms. Brewer said. “But what about the people who can’t use it? You can’t pay for that.”

Large Section of Great Lawn Closed Until at Least April Following Damage From Global Citizen Festival (West Side Rag)  “The combination of heavy rain, foot traffic, and machinery used for staging destroyed one-third of the Great Lawn,” Brewer wrote in a letter to Mayor Eric Adams. “The Central Park Conservancy determined the extent of the damage necessitates immediate closure of the lawn for re-seeding. As a result, 12-acres of public greenspace will be unavailable to New Yorkers until April 2024 or later, all to accommodate a one-day event.”

Central Park warned a festival would ruin its lawn. New York went ahead with it (The Guardian) “I’m outraged,” the city councilmember Gale Brewer told the Guardian. “The festival says they’re going to pay for it, but the most important part is that people can use the park. This should have been canceled.”

Upper West Side ‘noise cameras’ take on noisy motorists; hefty fines possible
(Fox 5). “The fines are expensive,” Brewer said. “They start out at $800, then they go to $1,700, then the third offense $2,500, so you really don’t want to get caught making noise in your car, or your honking, or anything to do with mufflers.”

NYC Council to probe Adams’ 60-day stay limit for some shelter residents  (Gothamist) “I want to know: Where do you think these folks are going to go?” said Councilmember Gale Brewer, chair of the Oversight Committee, who has been monitoring the placement and conditions in migrant shelters.

City Council grills administration officials on migrant contracts (NY1) “On the laundry for DHS, it’s 99-cents a pound, but for the contract that you have, it’s $3 a pound. ‘How do we explain that to the public?,’” Gale Brewer said.