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Gale Brewer is the Democratic nominee for city council with the expertise and dedication to help move the Upper West Side forward. Vote for Gale by November 2, 2021.

Gale Brewer is different

The West Side is in Gale’s bones. She has lived and worked, raised more than twenty foster kids, and been devoted to building a diverse and caring community on these UWS blocks, through crime waves, recessions, Mayors both Democrat and Republican, and now this !@#$%^  pandemic.

She has fought for better public schools, saner development, and to protect our beloved parks. Gale has worked tirelessly to create more affordable housing and to make city services work for everyone, while improving neighborhood quality of life by sticking up for small businesses and championing new ideas like open streets and outdoor dining.

Proven Leadership to move New York City forward

Gale is running for the City Council to bring her deep expertise to solve the big problems facing us. She is ready to improve quality of life and public safety in the neighborhood, to make our streets safer, expand open streets, and help new small businesses thrive.

She is fighting to make sure New York recovers from the pandemic equitably, by expanding access to the vaccine to vulnerable communities, working to reopen our public schools safely, and leading the charge to bring back Broadway safely. And Gale is focused on making government work for everyone, by bringing more people into the civic process so that everyone’s voice is heard.

A Champion for the Upper West Side

As Manhattan Borough President, she has led the way on creating more affordable housing, fighting for sensible development, and supporting small businesses across the Borough. 

As  City Council member for District 6, she wasn’t afraid to take on big fights to make our City better. She took on big businesses to pass Paid Sick Leave for hourly workers, guaranteeing them paid time off if they fall ill. She passed Open Data Laws to make City Hall more transparent and improve public services. She has helped lead the fight against racial injustice, passing the Fair Chance Act to tackle discrimination in hiring. 

Gale believes deeply that government must be accessible for everyday people. That’s why over the years, Gale has solved tens of thousands of constituent problems, from landlord-tenant disputes, maintenance challenges at NYCHA, to helping small businesses navigate permitting.

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