Elected Officials

Jerry Nadler (NY-10th)

Former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger

Adriano Espaillat (NY-13th)


NYC Public Advocate

Jumaane Williams 


Assembly Member
Richard Gottfried (75th AD)


NY State Senator
 Jose M Serrano (29th District)

NY State Senator
Robert Jackson (13th District)


NY State Senator
Liz Krueger (28th District)

Former New York Governor
David Paterson 


Hon. Keith T. L. Wright,

Chair, New York County Democratic Committee


Assembly Member 

Linda Rosenthal (67th AD)

Quotes about Gale

“As The New York Times said (in 2013) when they endorsed her, ‘We can’t do without her.’ Gale Brewer is an exceptional public official, the hardest working and most effective one by far. We are delighted that she has decided to run and are proud to endorse her.” — Tenants PAC Treasurer Michael McKee

“Gale Brewer brings decades of experience in government. She understands how to get things done and never loses sight of the need to support the workers that keep New York City running. As we continue to navigate the ongoing economic and public health crisis, Gale’s wisdom and expertise will be critical to ensuring there is a strong and fair recovery for working people.” — Stuart Applebaum, President of RWDSU 

“Gale Brewer is part of our Union family. She is well known within our membership because she has attended rallies at LGA and JFK airport and MSG as well as joined our picket lines and supported our fundraising effort during the mass layoff due to the pandemic. Using her expertise, Gale will be a champion on leading the City to recovery from the pandemic.” — UNITEHERE Local 100 Union Secretary-Treasurer Jose Maldonado

“Gale Brewer is what we mean when we say superb elected official.  She knows her stuff, cares about her constituents, works 24/7 on their behalf, gets legislation through because she knows how to organize for change.   I welcome Gale back as the Councilmember for the West Side; we cant wait.” — Former Manhattan Borough President Ruth Messinger

“Gale Brewer is perhaps the most accomplished elected official and public servant working today. These unprecedented times call for leaders with both the vision and experience to help uplift our cultural sector and steer our city through a post-pandemic world. We believe her expertise will help musicians on the Upper West Side face this crisis head-on, as the district rebuilds from its roots in the performing arts.” — AFM Local 802 

“Gale Brewer has dedicated her life to public service and building a caring economy, from her work in partnership with JFREJ to pass the nation’s first law protecting domestic workers, to winning paid sick leave, to initiating a health food program as Manhattan Borough President to ensure elders are able to access fresh fruit and vegetables.”  — Marilyn Williams, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

 “There are few individuals who have come to symbolize commitment to public service more than Borough President Gale Brewer has. Her commitment to service is unparalleled. The New York State Iron Workers District Council is honored to endorse Gale for City Council and we look forward to continuing to work with her.” — New York State Iron Workers District Council

Political Organizations and Democratic Clubs

Union Endorsements

Tenant Leader Endorsements

  • Venus Pereles, Tenant Association President for Rehab Program (Wise Rehab)
  • Patricia Ryan, Tenant Association President for Amsterdam Addition
  • Mary Beyerbach, Tenant Association President, Sondra Thomas Apartments
  • Alice Fox, Former Tenant Association President, Sondra Thomas Apartments
  • Ernesto Carrera, Tenant Association President, Wise Towers
  • Polly Spain, Former Tenant Association President,WSUR (Site A)- 129 West 94th Street
  • Mona Lisa Lopez, Tenant Association President, Domesite 154 W 84th Street
  • Jac Chandross, Resident Council President for WSURA (B)
  • Starrlynn Fikaris, Tenant Association President, WSUR (Site C)
  • Maria Guzman, Tenant Association President, Harborview Terrace
  • Margarita Osorio, Tenant Association President, Amsterdam Houses
  • Ramona Minor, Tenant Association President, De Hostos Apartments
  • Cynthia Tibbs, Tenant Association President, WSUR (Brownstones)
  • Aimee Bookman, Tenant Association President, Rehab Programs (Douglass Rehabs)
  • Patricia Forrest, Former Tenant Association President, Rehab Program (Wise Rehab)