Why I'm Running

WHY am I running for City Council again after already serving as Borough President? I’m aware that this is not the usual path! But the West Side is in my bones. I’ve lived and worked, raised kids, and been devoted to building a diverse and caring community on these UWS blocks, through crime waves, recessions, Mayors both Democrat and Republican, and now this !@#$%^  pandemic.

I’ve fought for better schools; saner development; park restoration; and more affordable units; and better city services and quality of life. I’ve won some big battles – and lost others – but I know that I can represent our neighborhood.

I’ve helped solve tens of thousands of constituent problems – landlord-tenant, NYCHA, schools, small business, sanitation, police, transit, and parks. As a result, I can tell you the home addresses of at least half the people I run into at Fairway and all the other places I shop!

One of my proudest achievements is getting more people involved in government; placing high schoolers on Community Boards, parents on Community Education Councils – and appointing women and people of color everywhere. And another achievement is my passage of laws that have changed the life of the city: Paid Sick Days, Open Data, and the Fair Chance Act.

If West Side voters allow me the chance to represent them once more, I will put my vast knowledge and skills to work in a leadership role I understand and really enjoy as our city faces a new post-pandemic era.